"Mana is like everything. And everything has a good and a bad side. It often depends on the mood of the gods. Or your luck. Who knows..."

The Two Colors of Mana Edit

Mana is divided in two colors: Red Mana and Blue Mana.

Blue Mana is the bright side of mana. This type of mana is stored forever and restores every turn. Each player starts with 1 Blue Mana.

Note: The player that goes first does not gain mana on their first turn.

Red Mana is the dark side of mana. This type of mana can only be used that turn, and is destroyed in the next turn.

A maximum of 8 mana can be stored.

Gaining and Storing ManaEdit

At the start of each turn, the player whose turn it is flips a coin. If they call it right, they gain a Blue Mana. If they call it wrong, they get a Red Mana.

When a player has a maximum of 8 mana stored, he/she will no longer flip a coin at the start of the turn.